GCS A2000   is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business system specifically designed for the fashion/apparel, footwear, accessories, home furnishings, and textiles industries


Our fully-integrated system provides the best ERP system support available built on the most reliable Oracle database.  We expertly support your:


  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Vendor Portal

  • Business to Business (B2B)

  • Business to Consumer (B2C) Connectors

  • Top retail App Integration (Shopify)

  • Financial Management



Accurate, real-time data at your fingertips. Always.

With our A2000 ERP system, you’ll always have accurate, real-time data to balance and forecast your position and requirements:

  • Sales

  • Inventory

  • Available to Sell

  • Need to Produce

  • Materials Requirements

  • Task Calendars

  • Financial Requirements

Get configurable reports & a premier executive dashboard.

Enjoy pre-defined reports and a report writer function for fast, configurable reports across your entire ERP system.  


And, GCS A2000 ERP system works across multiple platforms on multiple devices anywhere in the world [with internet service].

No more need for dedicated IT support.

A2000 ERP system requires no database administrator and can run across several platforms and operating systems whether installed onsite or in the cloud.  A2000 is the system that grows with you as your business expands.

Multiple server configuration options.

Start with a single dual-core server on a  Local Area Network (LAN) running Windows server and easily scale up to large multi-processor computers supporting several hundred users on Windows, Linux, or Unix.


Design with ease using the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module of A2000 Software.

The A2000 ERP software is designed specifically for supporting the entire product lifecycle (PLM) for the fashion industry. So whether you’re in apparel, footwear, accessories (jewelry, handbags, etc.) furnishings or even textiles, the GCS A2000 PLM module will give you the business intelligence needed to streamline operations, work faster and easier. Fashion designers love our PLM tools which speed the design process from start to finish:


  • easily import sketches or use images

  • work with your library of trim and fabric

  • create look books and line sheets

  • tech packs are automated

  • sample management lab dips and testing requirements are all streamlined

  • vendor portal can be leveraged for requests, approvals, calendars, and easy style approval



 Upgrades Included!  

Every business -- even in the fashion industry which is so creative -- runs on data.  You’re only as good as your data is fast and accurate! The A2000 software meets the latest EDI, UPC, and ASN label compliance requirements of major trading partners, with upgrades included as part of your service plan.


  • A2000 software's EDI module includes AS2, flat file exchange, which means doing more business through efficient business practices.

  • A2000 EDI schedulers automate EDI tasks and alert you to exceptions, helping you to ship on time.

  • No third party EDI required as A2000 has its own EDI translator built into the system.



Optimize your cash flow with A2000 fashion ERP software’s supply chain management (SCM) module.

A2000 ERP includes a superior Supply Chain Management  (SCM) system to manage all of your sourcing -- from all the individual components to finished goods.


And, A2000's SCM module tracks inventory and alerts you on:


  • materials and quantities needed

  • critical dates

  • best price and delivery


Our A2000 software will even sequence your production orders for you to optimize cash flow and deliver on-time.  


Ensure 100% oversight of your work in process (WIP) with A2000 apparel ERP tracking, which generates ship status exceptions which helps you manage successful delivery.

Fully streamlined, efficient warehouse operations, always.  Only from the  A2000 warehouse management system (WMS) module.

Of course, the GCS A2000 solution includes an enterprise Warehouse Management (WMS) system equally suitable for a small company to grow with and for the large, multifaceted organization.  


Manage your fashion industry inventory needs with ease:

  • printing pick tickets

  • fully automated put away and waving with scanners

  • single items to case and pallet management

  • high-velocity replenishment

  • shipping a sample to your buyer


And, A2000 supports all these critical functions in one or many warehouses and/or 3PLs.


Always have accurate quantities with our manufacturing resource planning (MRP) module.

A2000 supports true Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP).  With A2000 you will always know:


  • what you need to approve,

  • to buy,

  • to make

  • and how it will impact your cash requirements and inventory on a calendar basis.


MRP in A2000 was developed by -- and for -- manufacturers who buy components and manage their cutting, consumption, and conversion to other components and finished goods.  


Manage sales channels and currencies all from A2000 B2B portals & 

B2C connectors.

The A2000 System’s focus is to increase profitable omnichannel sales.  All sales channels and currencies can be managed within A2000.


  • Order entry is automated from EDI, your e-commerce sites, as well as your partner e-commerce sites.

  • A2000 mobile sales pad which runs on any tablet.


The system and/or sales pad provide order and inventory visibility, available to sell, customer history, and dashboards to sell more.





Improve financial decisions and customer & supplier relations with the automated financial module of the A2000 ERP system

GCS A2000 software makes it easy to transition from QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets!  A2000 is one of the only fashion and apparel software systems that includes its own enterprise financial system -- saving you time and money.


The A2000 financial management solution module empowers employees to make better business decisions by enabling their use of the same financial information and strategic insights that are available to upper management.


  • no other systems to buy or file transfers to manage

  • A2000 standard accounting features such as A/R, A/P, G/L reporting

  • A2000 supports Factor Management (EDI)

  • chargeback resolution

  • dashboards

  • cash flow forecasting

  • plan vs. actual

  • profit center variations

  • global currency and tax rules

More choices in security and flexibility - local server or cloud-based installation is available with GCS A2000 ERP software:


The A2000 software solution installs in a way that fits your business model.  


We know you have unique needs and requirements, and we provide our software to you in a fashion that best suits your overall needs.  


Whether it's a full onsite system implementation, a hosted version or a SaaS model, our team delivers.